How we built our brand

Welcome to our first ever blog!

We thought that we would start the blogs off with how Zeal was created and the hard work that was put into developing Zeal and this fabulous website.

When we first started thinking about rebranding and creating a brand name that would be familiar and memorable, we employed the amazing skills of Greg Bramhall. Greg not only came up with the name but also developed the logo and website.

Z is for Zeal

Various names were batted about before Pam decided that Zeal really was the perfect name. Zeal’s definition is ‘great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective’.  This really does sum up how we work here at Zeal. We have an abundance of energy and enthusiasm when it comes to helping people obtain the best mortgage to suit their individual needs.

Greg then got to work on the logo. The speech bubbles made into the Z aptly portray our brilliant communication skills with our customers making them feel at home talking to us. Communication is key to providing the best customer service experience that we can. 

Creating the website became all consuming but we are really happy with the result. We wanted a user friendly feel to the website and one that people can easily navigate around without confusing them as we know just how complex the world of mortgages is. The colours and the animated images portray a relaxed style which is what we at Zeal are all about. We want you to feel at ease when discussing one of the biggest financial commitments that you are likely to encounter.

Roll the camera!

The video and photos were completed by Tom Davenport at TPD Digital. Tom made us feel completely at ease to help us create a video that truly captures Zeals spirit. They say never work with children or animals and working with Biscuit, the cockapoo really was a challenge that made us laugh from start to finish – in the end though Tom’s super skills brought Zeals enthusiasm through the lens of the camera.

Working with Greg and Tom has been a wonderful experience and with their expertise and guidance, the website is one that we are all truly proud of!

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